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elg71887's Journal

16 July
well what can i say i am really laid back. i try to live by this saying "each of us is given a pocketful of time we spend what we will we waste what we will but we can never get back a day." it is so true. i mean something i have learned in life is i have had some great people come into my life and leave and i have had some great times w/ no regrets cuz it is all a learning experiance. i do wish there were more things i would've done, but i have a lot more time to do everything i want. people might not think i care about others, but i am very caring and greatful for everything people have done for me. one other thing i have realized is a thousand good words can not leave such an impression as one dead. i have had so many good times in my life, but there are some bad days and comments we will never forget no matter how much we want to. well that's about all i can think of to say. byee!!!!